Compensación ecológica en la evaluación de impacto ambiental en españaSituación y propuestas de acción

  1. Villarroya Ballarín, Ana
Supervised by:
  1. Jordi Puig Baguer Director

Defence university: Universidad de Navarra

Fecha de defensa: 16 June 2012

  1. Santiago González Alonso Chair
  2. Juan José Pons Izquierdo Secretary
  3. Urban Emanuelsson Committee member
  4. Juan Bald Garmendia Committee member
  5. Pedro Cifuentes Vega Committee member
  1. (FC) Biología Ambiental

Type: Thesis

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This article presents an environmental impact assessment (EIA) controversial case, which was finally settled by the passing of a sentence. The sentence enforced a payment to compensate for the economic damage caused to a fish farm through local environmental changes in Urola river estuary, located in the Basque Country. The damage was allegedly caused by a breakwater extension built at the mouth of an estuary nearby the farm, and linked to a recreation port project located within the estuary. While the sentence settled the meaning of compensation from an economic perspective, it raised by contrast some questions on the difficulty of undertaking ecological compensation within EIA practice, using of this particular case. Maybe these difficulties account for the lack of compensation in coastal development projects, which we have observed in a variety of cases in Spain, particularly for coastal development projects.