Transexualidadbiología y teología

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  1. José María Pardo Sáenz Director

Defence university: Universidad de Navarra

Fecha de defensa: 13 December 2019

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  2. Hélio Tadeu Luciano de Oliveira Secretary
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  1. (FT) Teología Sistemática

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 151925 DIALNET


TRANSEXUALITY: BIOLOGY AND THEOLOGY The emergence of transsexuality raises important issues either in the anthropological, pastoral, moral and sacramental fields to the theology and the Church. Taking biological sex or gender into consideration is a crucial decision for the Church, especially because of its involvement in marriage and priestly Order, as well as in the admission to a religious institute. In this study we address a research into the concept and nature of transsexuality, or better, transsexual people. It has begun with the study of biology, to continue with the problems in the life of Christian communities, as well as moral and sacramental issues. As annexes we present, because it seems indispensable to us to understand the current situation, the history of the gender perspective, as well as a selection of transsexual people with special relevance in public life, a list of documents of the Magisterium of the Church and statements of theologians and ecclesiastics related to the subject. The conclusions underline the multiformity of transsexuals, and the error in speaking of them as if they were a single group. The Church opts for biological sex and not gender. She have the right to choose this option, as it has been the option of the world of sports, for example, and for the life of the Church it seems the most correct election. The pastoral of the Church must be prepare to attend transsexual people, and help them in their Christian life. We propose that it is not appropriate to talk about gender as an ideology, since neither is uniform, nor everything in the genre studies is ideological. Keywords: transsexuality, types of transsexuals, transsexuals and theology