Departamento académico: (FC) Química

Centro académico: Facultad de Ciencias (FC)

Centro / Instituto de investigación de la Universidad de Navarra: Instituto de Biodiversidad y Medioambiente (BIOMA)

Organización: Universidad de Navarra

Research group: Laboratorio Integrado de Calidad Ambiental


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Navarra with the thesis Chemical composition and sources of particulate matter across urban and rural sites in the caribbean region of Cienfuegos (Cuba) 2018. Supervised by Dr. Jesús Miguel Santamaría Ulecia, Dr. David Elustondo Valencia.

Throughout my career, I worked as a researcher at CEAC (Centro de Estudios Ambientales de Cienfuegos) in Cuba from 2011 to 2022. Currently, I am affiliated with the University of Navarra as a researcher at the Instituto de Biodiversidad y Medioambiente (BIOMA) and also regularly teach at the Faculty of Science. My research centers on atmospheric pollution and other environmental studies distinguished by an integrative approach that employs a range of tracers (such as heavy metals, stable isotopes, radiotracers, microplastics, etc.) and environmental indicators (including aerosols, atmospheric deposition, soil, road dust, biomonitors, and more). My skills and expertise include, among others, strong experimental research (Environmental Pollution, Air Pollution, Environmental Radioactivity, Isotope Geochemistry, ...), modeling (MCNP, MixSIAR, PMF, ...), and data analysis (R, Origin, SPSS, ...). I have contributed to 22 national and international research projects and 6 contracts, serving as the principal investigator (PI) or co-PI for 6 of them. Additionally, I have authored 26 research articles and presented at over 15 scientific congresses and conferences. I have also supervised or participated in over 20 technical reports for esteemed institutions such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA). Furthermore, I serve as a regular reviewer and Associate Editor for prestigious journals in my field. I have been honored with several awards, including the CITMA Award in the Province of Cienfuegos in 2018 and 2021, and the annual Award from the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies of Cuba (AENTA) in 2018, 2021, and 2022. Additionally, I received the Young Investigator Award from CITMA at the provincial and national levels in 2019. I hold a PhD in Sciences (2014-2018) from the University of Navarra, achieving a Cum Laude distinction and an International PhD Mention. I was awarded a 1-year postdoctoral fellowship (2019-2020) at the GEOTOP Research Centre of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), funded by the Faculty of Science at UQAM. I served as the Head of the Department of 'Studies of Environmental Pollution' at CEAC. In this role, I led various research lines, supervised national and international projects, and organized training activities. I also oversaw the Environmental Testing Laboratory, which provided analytical assistance and operated under an ISO 17025:2017-accredited QA/QC system. I managed a team of 38 researchers and lab technicians. Additionally, I was a member of the Scientific Council of CEAC and the Commission for evaluating proposals for provincial awards from CITMA in Cienfuegos. I have lectured in a postgraduate program at the University of Cienfuegos and served as a lecturer and board member for a diploma course at CEAC in 2022. I have supervised 3 Bachelor's end-of-degree project and am currently supervising two PhD and one Master's thesis. In 2021, I was elected as a member of the Cienfuegos section of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and appointed to the Technical Advisory Council of the Provincial Government of Cienfuegos.