Departamento académico: (FE) Enfermería de la Persona Adulta

Centro académico: Facultad de Enfermería (FE)

Centro clínico de la Universidad de Navarra: Cancer Center Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CCUN)

Organización: Universidad de Navarra

Research group: Historia reciente

Research group: Innovación para un cuidado centrado en la persona


Doctor by the Universidad de Navarra with the thesis Memorias de enfermeras en la guerra civil americana de la dimensión doméstica a la profesional 2014. Supervised by Dr. Jaume Aurell Cardona, Dr. Aries Firman.

Ana Choperena Armendáriz has a degree in Nursing (2001) from the Public University of Navarra and a degree in Humanities (2008) from the University of Navarra (UNAV), with the Extraordinary End of Career Award. She obtained her PhD in History from the Faculty of Philosophy of the UNAV (2014), with a doctoral thesis entitled: Memories of nurses in the American Civil War: from the domestic to the professional dimension. She worked for 7 years as a nurse in the Hemodialysis Unit of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing of the UNAV and teaches the subjects 'History of Nursing' and 'Methodological Foundations of Nursing' at the undergraduate level, and 'Fundamentals of Advanced Nursing Practice I' at the graduate level. She is a member of the research group: 'Innovation for a person-centered care', of the Faculty of Nursing (UNAV). In this area, she leads the project: 'Narratives and reflective practice: a program for the development of professional competencies in nursing (NarratUN)', which has received public funding. She is a member of the 'Research Group on Recent History' (GIHRE) of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (UNAV) and collaborates in the GENOVIFEM project, which aims to give visibility to the female contribution in different fields. She is also a member of the IdisNA group and 'The Marjory Gordon Program' (Boston College). She has published on the specificities of women's writing, nurses' narratives in war contexts and the professionalization of nursing through the development of competencies from the Person-Centered Care approach. She has completed postdoctoral stays in Boston, at Boston College and at the Yvonne L. Munn Center. She is the vice-president of the Spanish chapter Alpha Gamma Alpha of the Sigma Theta Tau association. She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at UNAV.