Departamento académico: (FE) Enfermería Comunitaria y Materno Infantil

Centro académico: Facultad de Enfermería (FE)

Centro clínico de la Universidad de Navarra: Cancer Center Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CCUN)

Organización: Universidad de Navarra

Research group: Innovación para la Promoción de la Salud Familiar y Comunitaria


Doctor by the Universidad de Navarra with the thesis Efectividad de un programa de cesación tabáquica para estudiantes universitarios Estudio de intervención 2015. Supervised by Dr. Navidad Canga Armayor, Dr. Cristina García Vivar.

Dr Pardavila is a full professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Navarra. She has more than 10 years of experience in the design and development of epidemiological studies, both observational and experimental. With regard to the latter, she has extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of complex interventions and training programmes specifically designed for nurses, in the definition of competencies and their evaluation. Thus, since 2015 (when she defended her thesis), she has published 23 articles on these topics (16 in Q1 of the JCR, 5 in Q2, 1 in Q4 and another in SJC). It should be noted that he is the preferred author of 11 of them). Of these, 8 articles are the results of privately funded research projects in which the researcher was a collaborating researcher (2 projects) or principal investigator (1 project). Within these projects, the researcher also developed her own doctoral thesis (evaluation of the implementation of a smoking cessation programme in university students), and 2 doctoral theses which she co-directed: 1) aimed to evaluate the feasibility of a programme to reduce binge drinking in nursing students, and 2) aimed to develop a tool to measure health education competence in nurses. The results of Dr Pardavila's thesis gave her the opportunity to participate, as coordinator of the University of Navarra, in an ERASMUS project to develop and make available a training programme for university students in brief smoking cessation interventions (, which is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence. It should be noted that this course is already being implemented in other European universities due to the great results presented during the different dissemination days. The policy recommendations developed for all European higher education institutions are published on this website. These were presented to key people from the European Commission, the World Health Organisation and university groups in Brussels in December 2022. In terms of training young researchers, it is worth noting that both of the doctoral theses he has supervised have been awarded the distinction of cum laude. He is also currently supervising two PhD students. Dr Pardavila is a researcher in the Navarre Health Research Institute's (IDIsNA) 'Nursing Research' group and in the University of Navarre's 'Innovation for the Promotion of Family and Community Health' group. She is also a collaborating researcher in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Navarre SUN Project 'Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra', one of the faculties with the highest scientific production in the world and with the greatest social impact in the field of public health. She is a member of the Research and Innovation Committee of the Navarre Nurses Association. She is also a member of the Tobacco Working Group of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology.