Supervised theses (273) Theses supervised by Centro / Instituto vinculado a la Universidad de Navarra members


  1. Hard materials free of WC and co for tribological applications: Wb4 ultrahard ceramics and tic cermets

    Navarrete Cuadrado, Jazmina

    Supervised by José Manuel Sánchez Moreno y Lorena Josefina Lozada Cabezas


  1. A microstructure-based constitutive model for pearlite

    Rodríguez Páez, Jorge

    Supervised by José Manuel Martínez Esnaola y Jon Alkorta Barragán
  2. Additive manufacturing & topology optimisation of electrical machines

    Lizarribar-Carrillo, B.

    Supervised by Miguel Martínez-Iturralde Maiza y Borja Prieto Rocandio
  3. Changes in adipose tissue plasticity after bariatric surgery and their role in the improvement of obesity-associated comorbidities

    Unamuno Iñurritegui, Xabier

    Supervised by Gema Fruhbeck Martínez, Victoria Catalán Goñi y Reyes Elizalde González
  4. Diseño, fabricación, caracterización y validación de una plataforma integrada y modular para la amplificación de secuencias específicas de ADN por PCR basada en dispositivos de microfluídica digital

    Zabalo-Carrere, Jon

    Supervised by Sergio Arana Alonso y Eva Pérez Lorenzo
  5. Study and optimization of a recycling process for sintered ND-FE-B magnets at the end of their useful life.

    Checa Fernández, Blanca Luna

    Supervised by José Manuel Martín García y Nerea Burgos García


  1. An enhanced integrity multisensor Fusion for a reliable seamless navigation

    Zabalegui Landa, Paul

    Supervised by Íñigo Adin Marcos y Gorka de Miguel Aramburu
  2. Computer vision and deep learning based road monitoring towards a connected, cooperative and automated mobility

    Iparraguirre-Gil, Olatz

    Supervised by Diego Borro Yagüez y Alfonso Brazalez Guerra
  3. Convertidores y estrategias de control para la integración de la energía fotovoltaica en la red eléctrica

    Pérez Mayo, Álvaro

    Supervised by José Martín Echeverria Ormaechea y Javier Vadillo Landajuela
  4. Design and analysis of a novel stator oil-flooded cooling system for aircraft electrical machines with hairpin windings

    Paredes-Puente, J.

    Supervised by Ibon Elosegui Simón y Borja Prieto Rocandio
  5. Design, implementation and validation of tools for the performance analysis of wireless railway communications


    Supervised by Jaizki Mendizábal Samper
  6. Development of a thin film growth system to produce nanostructures through laser interference

    Sánchez-Martín, S.

    Supervised by Santiago Miguel Olaizola Izquierdo y Isabel Ayerdi Olaizola
  7. Development of wayside monitoring systems for condition based maintenance in railway vehicles


    Supervised by Francisco Javier Nieto Fernández
  8. Diamond photonic devices for metrology and spectroscopy applications

    Talán-Echarri, D.

    Supervised by Santiago Miguel Olaizola Izquierdo
  9. Exploitation of the synergetic effect of Mo and Nb on high strength quenched and tempered boron steels

    Zurutuza, Irati

    Supervised by Pello Uranga Zuaznabar y Nerea Isasti Gordobil
  10. Femtosecond laser processing for controlled generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures: applications in photonics

    San Blas-García, A.

    Supervised by Ainara Rodríguez González
  11. Gemelos digitales en mantenimiento: un caso de uso aplicado a infraestructura ferroviaria


    Supervised by Saioa Arrizabalaga Juaristi
  12. Investigation and mathematical modeling of the effect of microalloying on the microstructure of rebar steels during and after hot working


    Supervised by Beatriz López Soria
  13. Near net shape hip (NNS-HIP) process optimization for nickel-base superalloys for aerospace applications


    Supervised by Miren Aristizabal Segarra y Íñigo Iturriza Zubillaga
  14. Path planning for a robotic cooperative surgical assitant, applied to spinal procedures with electro-mechanical patient tracking

    Amarillo Espitia, Andrés Fernando

    Supervised by Emilio Sánchez Tapia